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Our facials are all customized to your skin type, needs, and skin care goals. We use Jurlique, an organic and natural skincare line, Intraceuticals a line that is all the buzz in Hollywood, and Skinceuticals a cult favorite. Recoop offers the best facials in Bellevue that include warm massage cream and hot steamy towels.

Dewy Goodness Oxygen Facial

Our most raved about facial! This oxygen facial hydrates, tones, lifts, and adds radiance to the skin. A favorite with Hollywood A-listers like Madonna, Kim Kardashian, and The Beckhams, this facial boasts a triple layering of hyaluronic acid, oxygen treatment, and hydration gel to seal in the moisture. Experience instant results that continue to improve for days. This skin game changing facial will leave you coming back for more.

75 minutes - $185

Ultimoot Facial

Our signature facial begins with a double cleanse, followed with exfoliation, extractions, customized mask, and moisturizer. A luxurious hand and face massage come with this delightful facial. Choose the 90-minute and enjoy extended face, neck, and shoulder massage and a blissful foot massage.

60 minutes - $115          90 minutes - $155

Gravity Defying Oxygen Facial

This advanced oxygen anti-aging facial is perfect for those who need a little bit of “umph” back in their skin. Combining triple hyaluronic layering and an infusion of vitamins and antioxidants, this oxygen facial helps to firm, tone, and plump skin using a multi-step process including microcurrent that helps improve collagen production and muscle tone. Extra care is given specifically to soften and smooth lines around the forehead, eyes, and lips.

90 minutes - $255

Give your oxygen facial an added boost of collagen to promote skin renewal, and restore volume and tightness to the skin. - $35

Vitamin C Infusion Facial

The Vitamin C Infusion facial includes double exfoliation and a powerful triple phase Vitamin C treatment utilized to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and leave the skin looking refreshed and beautifully luminous.  Containing 5 natural Vitamin C “hero” ingredients including the Kakadu Plum, which has 100x more Vitamin C than oranges, this treatment also helps fight off free radicals and environmental aggressors and leaves your skin brightened and skin tone more even.

75 minutes - $165

Brighten and Tighten Facial

Our Brighten and Tighten facial includes a professional peel to target fine lines and wrinkles as well as a powerful antioxidant vitamin C mask to brighten the skin and reduce the appearance of sun damage and brown spots. Finish with micro-current to lift and tone the muscles in the face.

75 minutes - $165

Pore Perfection

This deep cleansing facial is specially designed for those with problem acne skin at any age. The facial includes cleansing, gentle exfoliation, extractions, and a special mask to help with current and future break -outs. An electric wand and oxygen blast at the end helps kill bacteria leaving your skin clean, calm, and purified.

60 minutes - $135

Pore Perfection Oxygen Facial

This facial uses a pressurized stream of purified oxygen to deliver detoxifying ingredients deep into the skin. This facial delivers antioxidants and vitamins to help protect blemish prone sensitive skin. This system will help eliminate acne causing bacteria and promote the growth of new healthier cells. 

75 minutes - $185

Calming Facial

Using high grade calendula and other soothing products, this calming facial is great for those with rosacea, sensitive, or red and irritated skin. 

60 minutes - $115          90 minutes - $155


Skin peels improve texture and help your products work better by removing the surface layer of the skin. Speak to one of our estheticians to see which peel would be best for your skin care goals and needs. 


Chemical Peels by SkinCeuticals

Chemical peels are essential for maintaining and restoring skin’s health and appearance. These exfoliating treatments help resurface the uppermost layer of the skin to reveal new, healthy skin underneath. Chemical peels are available in a variety of formulations and concentrations to target various skin concerns including fine lines and wrinklesblemishes, enlarged pores, and uneven skin tone.


30 minutes - $100                               


Dermaplaning is a method of exfoliation that uses a 10 gauge scalpel to gently scrape off the top layer of dull dead skin and facial hair.  The result is smooth, baby soft skin which allows skincare products to penetrate and work better. This treatment is recommended for all skin types except those with acne and is especially effective for customers who are pregnant or nursing and want to avoid harsh chemicals for exfoliation.  The treatment is painless and takes about 30 minutes.  Great results can be achieved by coupling dermaplaning with a chemical peel.

30 minutes - $100 Dermaplaning 

60 minutes - $185 Facial with Dermaplaning and Peel                        

Back/Chest/Behind Facial

Getting ready for a special date? Have a low cut or low back dress? Heading to the beach? Get all your special parts in order. Get a facial on one of the three body parts and be ready to show it off.

45 minutes- $80

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$20 - 15 minutes

  • More Massage - Choose a body part to focus on for an extra 15-minutes of muscle relaxation.

  • Collagen Eye Mask - Targets fine lines, dark circles and puffiness.

  • Biocellulose Restorative Mask - A protective barrier to alleviate discomfort and continuous cooling and soothing.

  • Extra Scalp Massage - The ultimate “ahhhhh.” Enjoy an extra long relaxing scalp massage with or without oil and float into bliss. 

  • Drink of Oxygen - Oxygen therapy is one the most powerful and efficient methods of detoxifying and cleansing the body. Enjoy oxygen inhalation and feel rejuvenated.

  • Extra extractions 

$30 - 20 minutes

  • Foot Treatment - Tired feet need some extra support. Get an additional 20 minutes focused on your feet. Start with an invigorating sugar scrub to buff away dry skin, then enjoy a luxurious and relaxing foot massage.

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