All our massages include your choice of warm cream or oil, aromatherapy, and a luxurious scalp massage.  Come experience the best massage in Seattle and Bellevue.

Ultimoot Plus Massage

Our Ultimoot Plus Massage combines all the relaxing aspects of our signature 60-minute Ultimoot Massage plus an extra 15 minutes of massage, hot steamy towels, and body butter foot rub. End this luxurious massage with a scalp massage using our house blend scalp oil.

75 minutes - $135

Ultimoot Massage

Our signature massage. Unwind with a customized Swedish style massage designed to melt your muscles and relieve stress.

60 minutes - $115          90 minutes - $155

Deep Tissue

A therapeutic massage that uses extra firm pressure to focus on relieving deep, tight muscles and tension. This massage melts your stress away while making your body feel relaxed and at peace.

60 minutes - $115          90 minutes - $160

Great Expectations (Pre-natal)

A massage for mothers-to-be with a focus on particular sensitive areas such as lower back, hips, shoulders, and feet. The massage is customized to meet the needs during each phase of pregnancy. (Please note we do not provide massage for customers in their first trimester of pregnancy)

60 minutes - $115          90 minutes - $155

Swaddle Me Please

Though the un-comforts of pregnancy are gone, moms now have new back and neck aches, sleepless nights, and all-around exhaustion. Take a break and let us help you recoop. This massage includes a targeted tummy treatment to help tone and tighten.

60 minutes - $115          90 minutes - $155

Foot Massage

Get a relaxing massage focused just on your feet and lower legs.  


30 minutes - $65

Sports Knot

For those extra sore muscles, treat yourself to our sports massage. Incorporates stretching, and deeper pressure to ease stiffness, as well as a special cold therapy cream to reach the deepest sore areas. We will have you back in ship shape in no time.

60 minutes - $115          90 minutes - $160

No Sticks but Some Stones

Melt into this massage which incorporates Himalayan Hot Stones throughout the massage. Himalayan Hot Stones begin to relax tight muscles and help the therapist work deeper muscle layers. Our stones are 100% pure Himalayan Pink Salt rich in 84 natural minerals which improve overall sense of well-being and reduce inflammation.

60 minutes - $130          90 minutes $180

Couples Massage

Choose a massage and enjoy it with your significant other or friend in our private couples suite. Enjoy the duet massage at the same price as your massage of choice.

Prices vary.  

Lymph Movement Massage

This specific massage is a very precise manner of massage that stimulates the lymphatic system which helps eliminate waste and toxins, improve metabolism, and gives the immune system a boost. Cult followers of this massage swear by its ability to help decrease water retention and swelling. This massage uses very soft movements to activate the lymphatic system.

60 minutes - $115                  90 minutes - $155

Quick Fix

No time but need a little muscle relaxation? Pick an area for us to work on and we’ll get you unwound and back on your feet in no time.

30 minutes - $65

Massage 101

Want a lesson on massage techniques? Bring your significant other or friend and get a 30-minute lesson on how to give a great back and neck massage. Once you are a quasi-master, you and your partner can take a break and each enjoy a 60 minute Ultimoot Massage. A great idea for a fun night out.

90 minutes - $155 per person

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$15 - No Additional time

Hot Steamy Towels - added to any massage 

Oil Upgrade - upgrade to coconut oil, arnica oil, or our in house scalp oil

$20 - 15 minutes

More Massage - Choose a body part to focus on for an extra 15-minutes of muscle relaxation.

Extra Scalp Massage - The ultimate “ahhhhh.” Enjoy an extra long relaxing scalp massage with or without oil and float into bliss. 

Drink of Oxygen - Oxygen therapy is one the most powerful and efficient methods of detoxifying and cleansing the body. Enjoy oxygen inhalation and feel rejuvenated.

$30 - 20 minutes

Foot Treatment - Tired feet need some extra support. Get an additional 20 minutes focused on your feet. Start with an invigorating sugar scrub to buff away dry skin, then enjoy a luxurious and relaxing foot massage.

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