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Relax in our comfortable modern pedicure chairs and jet-less, germ less ceramic sinks. We pride ourselves in offering a safe and clean environment - we triple wash and sanitize all our tools, use disposable files, buffers, and birch wood sticks, and never re-use paraffin.

All of our manicures and pedicures come with regular polish unless otherwise stated.

Manicured Nails
Coop Manicure
Coop+ Manicure

Coop Manicure is our signature express manicure includes nail shaping, cuticle care, warm cream massage, and your choice of polish or clean buff.

30 minutes - $40

40 minutes - $50

For an even more indulgent experience, consider upgrading to our deluxe Coop+ Manicure. This enhanced treatment includes a luxurious soak, exfoliation, a nourishing warm cream application, a comprehensive hand and forearm massage, and a paraffin treatment to lock in moisture and provide a deeply relaxing experience.

Coop+ pedicure.jpg
Coop Pedicure
Coop+ Pedicure

Our express Coop Pedicure includes a foot soak, nail shaping, cuticle care, light massage, and polish or buff to shine.

50 minutes - $65

Our deluxe Coop+ Pedicure includes a soak in a warm aromatherapy foot bath, followed with an invigorating exfoliation with our home-made sugar scrub, nail and cuticle care, and paraffin to seal in the moisture. Once your feet are baby soft, enjoy a warm cream massage, and polish or buff to shine.

30 minutes - $50

Coop Mani and Pedi
Coop+ Mani and Pedi

Experience our signature Coop Mani Pedi combo, featuring nail shaping, gentle cuticle care, a soothing warm cream massage, and your choice of polish or buffing.

60 minutes - $85

Elevate your indulgence with our Deluxe Coop+ Mani Pedi combo, which includes an invigorating exfoliation using our homemade sugar scrub and a hydrating paraffin mask treatment.

90 minutes - $115 (Included in our Membership benefits)

Super Shellac Manicure

The amazing 14-day manicure is perfect for those who have no time for weekly manicures, moms who wash their hands 100 times a day, or those who just want their manicure to dry instantly after polish. Smudge-proof and chip resistant.

If you currently have Shellac/Gel on your nails, please schedule a Shellac removal along with your manicure. Removal is complimentary with a scheduled manicure if you had it applied at Recoop within 3 weeks.

40 minutes - $55

whipper sugar coconut pedicure.png
Whipped Sugar Coconut Pedicure

Our Whipped Sugar Coconut Pedicure leaves your toes and feet hydrated, soft, and supple. Enjoy an aromatherapy soak and the usual nail accoutrements, then slough off dry skin with Lalicious whipped sugar scrub made with coconut and sweet almond oils and extra TLC for the heel. Melt into your chair with a long relaxing massage and wrap with aroma infused organic coconut oil. Finish the pedicure with a polish application or buff.

60 minutes - $75

milk and Almond pedicure.jpg
Milk and Almond Pedicure

Soak in a hot almond and milk bath, then enjoy everything in our Coop+ Pedicure plus an extra long massage with moisturizing sweet almond oil.

60 minutes - $75

Japanese Gel Manicure (limited availability)

Soft gel nails using leading Japanese products are one of the newest things in the nail industry. It has a similar look as acrylic but it doesn’t have strong odors, let’s your nail bed breathe, and it can be soaked off similar to shellac. (We do not work with dip powder or acrylic nails.) This manicure typically last 3 weeks before you require a fill. 

75 minutes - $90 Japanese Gel Manicure

120 minutes - $120 Japanese Gel Manicure with Nail Extensions

60 minute - $80 Fill for Japanese Gel Manicure 

Image by Rune Enstad
Super Shellac Pedicure

Want warm toes after a pedicure? Get a Sooper pedicure that will dry instantly after polish. Perfect for winter when you want to get those toes back in socks and boots. Smudge-proof, chip resistant, and guaranteed to last up to 14-days.

45 minutes - $65

Heeling Therapy

Try our therapeutic pedicure that is the perfect solution for extremely dry, and cracked heels. We start by soaking your feet in an aromatherapy foot bath, then enjoy a long scrub with our home-made sugar scrub, and intense heel and callus care. Once your feet are soft and smooth, relax with a foot massage, paraffin, and marine mask. As a final touch choose a buff or polish.

60 minutes - $75

Stones on Foot
No Sticks But Some Stones Pedicure

Enjoy a relaxing hot stone pedicure. After a peppermint soak, enjoy a sugar exfoliation, paraffin, and hot stone foot massage with aromatherapy oil. Your feet will say "ahhhh".

60 minutes- $75

One Tough Cookie

Got some tough calluses? Enjoy this Sugar Cookie inspired pedicure that focuses on removing tough calluses with our Lalicious Brown Sugar exfoliation scrub, followed by a renewing body butter massage and ecofin that contains organic oils and shea butter.

60 minutes- $75

Lavendar scrub.jpg
Sweet Dreams

Rest your hard working feet with this calming pedicure. Soothe your mind with the scent of lavender blossoms from our Lalicious exfoliation scrub and matching body butter to give your feet the relaxation they deserve.

60 minutes- $75


For our tiny humans learning self care. (8 years and under).

15 minutes - $20


For our tiny humans learning self care. (8 years and under)

20 minutes - $25

  • $15 Polish Change

  • $40 Shellac Polish Change

  • (with removal $50)

  • $15 Shellac Removal Plus (includes buffing with oil and hand massage) 

  • $15 Shellac Removal 

  • $20 Add Shellac polish to any deluxe nail treatment 

  • $15 Extra Massage - 15 minutes

  • $20+ Custom Design (each 15 minutes)

  • $10 Paraffin Wax Treatment

  • $8 Eco-Fin Nourishing Treatment

  • $10 Sugar Exfoliation 

  • $10 Callus Treatment 

  • $10 French Design

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