Every season we put together treatments inspired by the ingredients and scents of the season.  Try one of our luxurious body treatments or deluxe seasonal pedicures.

Endless Summer Pedicure

Let the aroma of white jasmine, vanilla musk and exotic fruits transport you to a faraway beach. Start your mini vacation with a deluxe aromatherapy soak, banish dry skin with Lalicious' Endless Summer scrub, and relax while enjoying a long foot massage. Finish hydrating your legs and feet with an Ecofin parafin alternative. Of course this deluxe pedicure comes with nail and cuticle care, topped off with polish, or nail buff.

60 minutes - $70

Peach keen.jpg
Peach Perfect Pedicure

Soften your feet with a peach and vanilla soak, seasonal Peachy Keen scrub from Lalicious, followed by a warm peachy oil massage. Seal that moisture in with our peach paraffin, polish, or buff and shine. As always, all pedicures include nail and cuticle care.

60 minutes - $70

Hello Coffee. Good-Bye Cellulite

Get your body slim and svelte, a perfect treatment right before any party, event, or holiday. Enjoy a coffee wrap to help battle cellulite. The caffeine and antioxidants in coffee help mitigate the appearance of cellulite by dilating blood vessels which tones and tightens tissue, increase circulation, and reduce water retention. While your body is nestled in coffee, enjoy a relaxing scalp massage.

60 minutes - $150